Starving Weirdos
"In Our Way" from Land Lines LP/CD

Metal Mountains
"Structures in the Sun" from Land Lines LP/CD

Bird Show Band
"Quintet Four" from Bird Show Band LP/CD

Ensemble Economique
"With You, At Brandy Creek" from Standing Still,
Facing Forward LP

Son of Earth
"Muttering Triumph" from Improvements LP

Mike Wexler
"Cipher" from Sun Wheel CD

Theo Angell
"Price of Prince" from Dearly Beloved CD

"Higher Something" from Tenebrae CD

Oakley Hall
"Light of My Love" from Second Guessing CD

"Landlord" from Second Guessing CD

Black Taj
"Clover" from self-titled CD

"Fresh Air Traverse" from Beyonder CD

Hall of Fame
"Spiral Sunset" from the self-titled LP/CD

"Rival" from First Came Love, Then Came the Tree... CD

Roads to Space Travel
"W.H. Harrison" from the self-titled CD

"Is Alright" from Ballad/Jazz/Waltz CD

P.G. Six
#3 for Bray Harp / usic For The Sherman Box Series
and Other Works CD

"Old Man on the Mountain" 7inch / Well of Memory CD

"Divine Intervention" from Parlor Tricks
and Porch Favorites CD

"Grunenberg" from SprieBwarstdrall LP/CD

Dan Matz
"Possessions in a Nest" from Carry Me Over CD

Dan Brown
"Morning Lullaby" from Inner Boroughs CD

The Oranges Band
"OK Apartment" from All Around CD

"Ride the Nuclear Wave" from The World & Everything In It LP

"Recombinant Breakdown" from Solo Guitar CD